Status of sign-up for the 2010 SW Adventure Caravan

We had a great response to our caravan at the International Rally in Madison.  We have the 30 units on the list for the 2010 caravan and  21 more on the stand-by list .  The 2011 caravan has 26 on the list and we won’t ask any for a deposit until November 2009.  Our expectation is that some of the stand-by list for 2010 will get on the 2010 caravan and the remainder will have the option of being on the 2011 caravan.  Several have indicated that if they don’t get on the 2010, they want to be on the 2011 caravan.  Thus, a stand-by list has been effectively been started for the 2011 caravan as there are 77 units signed up for the 2010 and 2011 caravans.A “GAM” was held in Madison to answer questions and pass along information about the caravan.  About 45-50 folks attended.