Status of sign-up for the 2010 SW Adventure Caravan-October 20, 2009

We currently have 30 units signed up for the 2010 caravan, 28 couples and two singles for a total of 58 people.  Including the two leaders we have 32 rigs and 62 folks.  There are 11 units on the stand-by list for the 2010 caravan.  After scouting the caravan route and negotiating with campgrounds, tours, and restaurants, the budgeted amount of $3850 per couple appears to be a good figure for the cost of the caravan.  We are asking that 50% of the caravan fee ($1825) be paid by December 1, 2009 and the remaining 50% ($1825) by Feb. 1, 2010.The predicted caravan length will be 46 to 48 days.  We will set the actual schedule in mid-November when the Montagues return from the SE Spectacular Caravan.The 2011 Caravan has 30 units signed up and assuming that some folks on the 2010 stand-by list who do not get on the 2010 caravan will want to go on the 2011 caravan, we are starting a stand-by list for the 2011 caravan.  Based on our experience to date, many people on the stand-by list will get on the caravans.