Status of Sign-up for the 2010 SW Adventure Caravan

There are now 30 units signed up and with deposits made for the 2010 caravan.  A Stand-by list will be started as we have experienced in the past, several from the stand-by list normally will be included on the caravan. Because of illness or some other problem, folks may need to re-schedule.Ten units have signed on for the 2011 caravan, so the list is started for the caravan’s second year.Carol and Winston Montague are back from the Baja and Cajun Caravans and they had a great time on both caravans.  Traveling on a caravan is the really fun and great way to travel and experience the sights and activities along the way.  By the way, we have scheduled a Segway tour of Old Town in Albuquerque, a raft trip (no white water) on the Colorado, and a trail ride into Bryce Canyon.Both the Montagues and the Thompsons will be at the International Rally in Madison and will be glad to talk with you about the SW Adventure Caravan.

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