Dry Camping/Boondocking Rally Feb. 9-11, 2010

The Montagues and Thompsons are having a three-night rally, Feb. 9, 10, & 11 just before the Big Bend rally in Suwanee to help folks learn how to effectively use our Airstreams to “dry camp” or “BoonDock”.   The caravan that we lead, the SW Adventure Caravan is scheduled to have 14-16 nights of camping in locations without electricity or water, i.e. national park and national forest campgrounds.  We will have it at a facility near Lake City, FL which is operated by John Palmer.  The facility is set up for dry camping and is a nice place for a rally.  John Palmer sells and installs solar systems and has offered this spot for the rally.  He will not be trying to sell his solar systems unless someone wants one.  The cost will be $5 per night plus whatever we put together for food.  We plan  to cook for everyone, at least the evening meals.  The camping will be dry camping as there is no power or water on the site.John will give a seminar(s) on how to utilize solar and the small Honda type generators.  Also what to expect from your batteries and how to maximize their life.  We also will have information about alternative methods of keeping warm without using your furnace.  Last but not least ,how to optimize use of the fresh water.We plan to put together a schedule for the rally. and get it out to everyone.  Everyone is invited, whether signed up for the caravan or not.John Palmer’s web site address is: http://www.palmerenergysystems.com/